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Zee Optimizer is a group of Utah local SEO experts run by a group of guys that live, love, and bleed Utah. This company was started by a guy named Gardner Westgate. Gardner has spent years in the marketing world working for an advertising agency which forced him to learn all the latest tools and techniques to be able to compete against other companies with huge corporate budgets. But he felt that he could do more with the tools and techniques that he has developed to give the “little guys” a chance to compete against the big businesses that are spending tons of money in advertising.

He wanted to be able to give big corporate service to the little businesses for a fraction of the cost that a typical agency would charge. So, with this business model, he created Zee Optimizer.

Zee Optimizer is your local SEO experts with a heart for the people that matter in our community. It’s the small businesses that need the help and we feel at Zee Optimizer that we can design, build, and optimize a fully functioning and effective website that will generate a steady stream of long term income for your small business.

Gardner Westgate

CEO and Founder

Gardner is the CEO and founder of Zee Optimizer. Besides his skills in SEO,  Gardner puts the fun and charisma back into professionalism. But don’t let the smile confuse you. Having had to fight for years against companies that were paying enormous amounts of money in advertising to compete with his work, he basically has every skill set to help your business win against the competition. Zee Optimizer’s team of local SEO experts will give your small business it’s best shot at competing with just about anyone in the market!

Chad Crowther

Design Expert + SEO Consultant

Chad is the back up when all other stops fail. When not at home, Chad is probably traveling the world somewhere, sitting in a coffee shop, or sitting on a beach, working on SEO for our clients. Chad brings the dynamic piece to the team with his critical thinking and analysis, along with his impressive background in all things web and SEO related. This guy is a real animal…he’s kind of like the Chuck Norris of SEO. He’s SO elusive that we couldn’t even get a real picture of him, so this guy? Isn’t Chad.

Chad is quite possibly the coolest computer guy you will ever meet and the most experienced out of all of us. Chad truly takes graphic design and creativity to the next level and is responsible for some of the most beautiful website’s you’ll see in today’s website heavy world. Chad is the real deal. Branding? He’s got you. Website design? He’s got you. Packaging and business card design? He’s got you. Life advice?  He’s got you. The “Power of Chad” is at your beckoning when you hire Zee Optimizer to take your look from blah to bling!

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