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Utah SEO Services are absolutely essential for small businesses to compete long term. Starting a business with a brand new website can be extremely difficult to start gaining traction with Google. Even with video and social media markets helping advertising, there is a HUGE market that is being missed when you aren’t on the first page of Google and aren’t taking active roles in SEO efforts!

That’s where Zee Optimizer, a true local Utah SEO company will take you to the next level. you will have legitimate ROI reporting every single month and an open line of communication with any of our team whenever you may need.

Zee Optimizer has worked the Utah SEO market and have developed the latest techniques in fighting against Google’s evil will of keeping your small business off of the first page without having to pay for Ads.

With experience in handling local and corporate national accounts, we here at Zee Optimizer bring you the Utah SEO results you are looking for along with a professionalism and customer service that you just can’t find anywhere else in this industry.

Zee Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Utah SEO companies are a dime a dozen.

GREAT Utah SEO Companies aren’t. With years of experience handling local and national corporate accounts, you will be promised a professionalism and effective ROI unparalleled by any. We have all the latest technologies and techniques that will give you the edge that you need against your competitors.

What's SEO?
Website Design

Have you ever seen a website that you can't seem to look away from?

Collaborations with some of the most talented web designers in the country have allowed us to develop the most cutting-edge websites of 2017.

Why design?
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Utah SEO and Search Engine Marketing go hand in hand.

Although SEO focuses on unpaid or organic traffic to your website, SEM is the opposite. Through laser targeting, we will help your ads that you spend your hard earned dollars on become more effective through retargeting and demographic analysis.

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Zee Utah SEO Team

Zee Optimizer are Utah local SEO experts run by a group of guys that live, love, and bleed Utah. This company was started by a guy named Gardner Westgate.

Gardner has spent years in the marketing world working for an advertising agency which forced him to learn all the latest tools and techniques to be able to compete against other companies with huge corporate budgets. But he felt that he could do more with the tools and techniques that he has developed to give the “little guys” a chance to compete against the big businesses that are spending tons of money in advertising.

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Design Expert + SEO Consultant

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